Laura A Jordan

Broker and Owner                  

I began my real estate journey as a landlord in 1992.  Later I joined by brother’s company as a real estate

Laura A. Jordan

Laura A. Jordan

agent’s assistant back in 1995.  In a short time, I found myself  bombarded with new and interesting information.  It was a challenging time for me. There was much to learn in  Real Estate. There are many twists and turns in Real Estate that caught my attention.  I was intrigued and wanted to learn everything I could.   Learning quickly helped avoid mistakes and benefited my clients.  During this time, I worked with sellers and buyer’s coordinating their transactions.   This experience made me a believer in good Real Estate investment.   Soon after, my appetite for Real Estate was awakened and I began to make my own Real Estate investments.

For the next several years, I learned what it meant to have the American dream. I became an investor myself.  This experiences gave me a lot of knowledge and experience in property management, investing, construction, title insurance, resell, new construction, mortgage loans, and construction loans.  By 2005, I had become an investor in commercial property and commercial property management.  My Real Estate experience gave me a broad knowledge in many aspects of Real Estate.

I love and enjoy what I do, not just because of the success it has brought me through the years, but because of the vast amount of good people I have met through the years.  I enjoy helping and guiding people as I share my own knowledge and experience.

I work with the general public as well as the Latin cultures.  My fluent Spanish helps me communicate well with the Latin market.

If you are interested in buying, selling, or investing in Real Estate, I would love to help you reach your goals.  Please contact me by completing the information below..